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The definitive moment…

Ever since the first day I got my SLR I have always taken every opportunity to capture any wildlife I saw.  Recently I was thinking about the transition that has taken place in my wildlife shooting. I used to just be happy if the animal was composed correctly and in focus!! Over the years, as I have become more comfortable, and worked hard on finding and approaching the critters I have become much pickier! Now I want them to be doing something interesting, or with a great perch or backdrop.  Like the hawk I posted the other day. I had another really nice shot of him, but he was on a really ugly perch, so it never made the cut, or like when I was on a walk the other day I was capturing some images of the all to common Red-wing Blackbird, but I was only shooting when he was singing and its mouth was open, it made a cliché throw away into a great shot.  I have now noticed how much less I shoot but yet how number of keepers and 5 star picks I have been getting has risen!!


Great Blue Heron fishing-Nikon D90, f/4.8, 1/125, ISO 500, 340mm. 70-200/2.8 w/ 1.7 x TC, handheld


This was a shot I had just happen to get. The funny part is I was on my way to go capture a huge group of nesting herons when I saw this guy in the pond near our house. I almost drove by but the scene was just too tempting. I knew what he was doing and parked the truck and was able to succesfully sneak up on him and then just waited for that magical moment. So be patient, and be ready for that perfect moment and then fire away!!

BTW, The nesting herons were another great experience that I will share in the days to come!

Also:One of my favorite bloggers and podcasters Scott Bourne stole my thunder :-)) and made it look like I am copying him when he posted about almost the same feelings about the progression of wildlife shots.(and you can ask my wife, she has had to listen to me complain about non-action or bad light for my wildlife shots for quite sometime!! LOL!! )

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