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When it all goes awry!!!

As some of you know I was just in Washington State for a wedding. We were up on Whidbey Island, and I had several days to shoot and was anxious to capture one of the islands most famous landmarks, the Deception Pass Bridge.  I had seen many shots of this great bridge and wanted to get a creative, and cool version for myself.

Now for the story behind this shot!

We went to the State Park and went to the end of the parks peninsula where you can get a great view of the bridge and (no surprise!) It was foggy and overcast.  I saw this little rocky out cropping that seemed flat enough to set up my tripod to try and get a shot.  I made my way down the wet and sharp rocks to my spot. It seemed pretty good, and I decided to lower my tripod a little in order to get these little water sprays from the fairly gentle in coming waves, in the fore ground with the brdge clouded in fog in the background…

Everything seemed to be going so well I had a good sturdy spot, the bridge was framed nicely and I had all the settings and focus I wanted…Then all of the sudden this enormous “rouge” wave came crashing in and hit the rocks in front of me creating a nearly 10 foot tall wall of water aiming right for you know who and his completely exposed camera gear!(and before you ask: My camera and lens “rain coat” was safely sitting in its warm and dry pocket in my camera bag in the parking lot! DOH!)  Needless to say I was soaked, as was my camera! I laughed so hard I can’t tell you! It was awesome! It was just too funny not to laugh! The best part is my sister(Who was also laughing hysterically at this point was up the rocks from me and just happened to be waiting to grab a picture of me and had grabbed these “shots of the day”

So after laughing, and wiping most of the water off the camera body, and wiping off the front of the lens with my shirt I kept shooting! Heck I was already down there, and wet, so why leave now?!!  It’s just water, right?!

And after all that the shot isn’t even that cool, but it will always hold a great story!!  I guess the take away for this would be: Make sure your ready for anything to happen(meaning Bring your raincover!) then, I would say don’t let problems detour you from your intent! It may not be a wave hitting you but don’t give up the vision to quick or if life throws you a curve, get back in the game and keep shooting!!!

PS-I knew as soon as this happened and Julie captured me getting walloped that I just HAD to share the story with you guys! Ask my wife and friends, I don’t mind telling embarrassing stories about myself, especially to get a laugh, but after reading Scott Kelby’s blog post on Tuesday and this big time pro shooters admission about some big mistakes he made shooting an NFL game that, I was even more inspired to share my trials and mistakes, especially if it helps just one of you to learn from what I did or didn’t do!  I make mistakes all the time, but I also try to analyze them, do you? or do you just try and forget them and keep going? Heck I learn more from my screw-ups than I do from the ones that just happen to be perfect! BUT, you have to be intentional about looking at your misses to learn from them, don’t just delete them and move on, take some time, and figure out what you did wrong and what you SHOULD have done and most likely, next time you won’t make the same mistake.  I love these two quotes from Jay Maisel, “They don’t call it trial and success!”  and “If your not making any mistakes, your not trying hard enough!” which is one reason I am always trying to push myself everyday to a better picture than I did yesterday, or at least learn something I didn’t know when I woke up today!

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